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Let me introduce myself

I am Heanney. I wear several different hats in life; but mostly I am a women’s wellness coach, a former personal trainer, a loved up wife and a dedicated mama to our baby boy. For the past 6 years, I have been in the health and wellness space, helping women build a long lasting, healthy relationship with food, and finding the love and confidence again with their bodies.

I understand 

your struggle

And I want to help you break free.

Break free from the vicious cycle of fad dieting and punishing yourself with obsessive thoughts. It's time to tune into your body so you can start enjoying life in a conscious way while rediscovering your inner strength and self-love. I did it, and you can too.

I have been where you are

I know what you need is more than a quick fix

I too was constantly yo-yo dieting, fueling my body with negative thoughts and obsessively trying to change the way I look.


I counted calories, cut out carbs, reduced protein, experimented with juice cleanses, fasting... I have tried every diet under the sun. I spent countless years restricting and depriving myself of certain foods, consumed with anxiety that they were fattening or unhealthy. 

Sound familiar?


I found freedom only when I discovered 

the root cause of my disordered eating

I finally broke free from self-destruction, emotional eating and chronic health issues

It wasn’t easy but it was necessary inner work. Letting go of a thought pattern like dieting that has become ingrained and automatic is never easy. It is a process that can take time.


It wasn’t until I learned how to intuitively be in harmony with my body that I was able to permanently free myself from the self-destruction of diets and excessive exercise. I was then able to manage my emotions without turning to food,  solve my chronic health problems, achieve inner and outer self confidence and ultimately live my life with purpose and presence.




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