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My Story

I have a vision. To create a community of like-minded women who want to motivate and inspire one another on their journey towards bettering themselves, both the mind and body.

My approach to living a happy, healthy and fit life is simple (wellness, nutrition and fitness) is simple.  You have to Believe in yourself, your abilities,  eat well and nourish your body with the right wholesome foods, and then you can become your own artist and sculpt your body into the best shape you can be.

I am here to help and support you to achieve your fitness goals, optimize your health and wellbeing through my training system and nutrition guidance. It’s my goal to give you the tools to workout safely and effectively, to guide and support you to achieve your most confident body shape and maintain it for life. (n return, I expect you to meet me half way by looking after your body, train hard and stay positive.)

The women that I have trained have inspired me so much through their fitness journey, I hope to connect amazing women like my clients with different fitness levels, backgrounds and create a platform for us where we can feel comfortable to share, keep eachother motivated to stay active, be positive and feel our absolute best.



Heanney has been training me since I was 7 weeks postpartum and helped me get my body back! My daughter is almost 2 now and I thoroughly enjoy our classes because she really listens to me and understands what I need. I feel stronger and more confident because of her!
— Alexa Bui
Heanney is a good reader of your limits and knows exactly how far she can push you. She is a perfect blend of tough (“Liz you can add another XKGs to those weights”) and nice (“Liz you are doing SO well”). She keeps your sweat sessions motivating + fun and you learn that getting fit doesn’t have to be always painful. Thanks to her, I am stronger and healthier.
— Elizabeth Wu
I’ve been training with Heanney since early 2016. I love that she has focused her training style on the celebrating and challenging the uniqueness of the female form. She’s creative in her workouts, focused on supporting me in setting and smashing goals and I leave each workout feeling like I pushed myself further than the last. Heanney’s amazing.
— Jocelyn Liipfert


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