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Private Coaching

One on One

that help you create sustainable change

Discover proven habits

I know you have been guided here because you are

 ready to make the changes

you always felt pulled to

Are you ready to admit that it’s time to transform your reality into the life you deserve?


You do not  have to walk this journey alone. As your guide and number one cheerleader, I will give you genuine advice for growth and share transformative tools that help you navigate through life and health without the need to diet, obsessively workout or drastically change your lifestyle. 


This formula for healing will help you create instant shifts around the painful issues that you have been struggling with. Beyond that, you will gain confidence knowing that you are prepared to fight back should these issues arise again in the future. 


Can you relate? 

  • You have been feeling alone and unsupported through your journey


  • You feel like nobody understands what you are going through so you keep your worries to yourself 


  • In the past, you struggled to implement new habits or goals – always falling back into the same old routine and habits


  • You are reading, researching and trying it all but still feel unfulfilled 


  • You are not sure what advice to apply into your life to create more meaning and fulfilment


  • You feel out of alignment with your beliefs but not sure how to proceed 

Working together means you are giving yourself the space to receive guidance and support for you to make small, sustainable changes that improve your health and wellbeing, on and off the plate.


  • 6 months of private coaching

  • Free access to an online health and wellness program – Health Hub

  • 2x coaching calls per month, where we'll set attainable goals to achieve together

  • Unlimited support via email and text access

  • A wide variety of tools to aid you on your path to freedom, fulfilment, self love and empowerment

  • Meditation and breath-work instruction as applicable within sessions

  • Opportunity to schedule additional sessions


Conscious & Whole

Private one-on-one Program

If you are ready to overhaul your current lifestyle, completely change your routine, get crystal clear on your wellness goal, establish daily habits that serve you towards achieving your goals, and finally fall in love with your body and who you are during the process...


Then  my Conscious & Whole Program is designed for you.



Save $260 USD when you pay in full

what's included

12 x bi-weekly sessions over 6 months (every 2 weeks)

60 minutes each coaching call via video call

Tailored specifically to what you need most in order to achieve your health goals

Weekly check-ins

Unlimited email and text access

A wide variety of tools to support you on your path to freedom, fulfilment, self-love and empowerment

Meditation and breath-work instruction as applicable within sessions

Tailored specifically to what you need most in order to achieve your health goals

Additional resources to assist you on your journey

Opportunity to schedule additional sessions


Fully Booked

CONSCIOUS & Whole private Coaching

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Check Out


Heanney has a no bullshit approach to coaching, and her honest, kind and relatable sessions help you realise that the goals you want - finding extra time for yourself, balance with food, even the ability to do a push up - are attainable. 

Heanney has become my friend, she’s kept me grounded, called me out, supported me and even on the days where all I can see is the worst version of myself, Heanney has helped me find ways to see past that and ways of being kind to myself, which I could never have done before. 

The tools and techniques she’s given me have helped me quiet down that mean inner voice. Heanney isn't going to be the voice in your head that chastises you for doing something wrong; after time, it will be YOUR voice you hear celebrating your achievements, reflecting on your life, finding ways to be nicer to yourself. 

I don’t open up to people easily but Heanney has a great way of connecting and listening that makes you feel heard and comforted. Heanney will celebrate your wins with you and show you that no step is too small, and that there is always time in your day to show up for yourself. 

For years, I put this off. I claimed I never had enough time to work on myself but until working with Heanney, I didn’t realise how much I needed to understand and connect to myself. I cannot recommend Heanney as a coach enough. 




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