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BODY love & freedom

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Get you, your body and your mind back on the same team, one habit at a time.

Did you know that YOU make over 35,000 decisions every single day?

Forming habits & Rituals preserves our brain from exhaustion. 

An 8 week program


How would it feel to not worry about every single calorie you consume?

How would it feel to enjoy every meal knowing you are nourishing your body, and it feels effortless?

How would it feel  if I told you, that you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym and restrict foods from your diet, to start to shift your weight?

Can you imagine what it would be like to approach weight loss from a place of love?

BODY LOVE & FREEDOM is everything I learned through my own transformation, back when I was 10kg heavier, clean eating, following the most restrictive diets, working out 5-7 days a week, and not seeing a shift in my weight.


And the worst part? I was living this vicious cycle of negative inner chatter telling me I am not good enough, not lean enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough. There was so many things I never could do because I did not believe in myself. 


Trust me, I have been there and I honestly never believed there was a different way than to restrict my body from certain foods o focus on burning fat and building muscle and forever be on some kind of diet or workout regime for the rest of my life!



I see you, I was you 

Ever since Britney Spears came out with her first music video in a cropped top, I have been obsessed with the way I looked. This need to look a certain way and be a certain size grew even more when I became a personal trainer. When I landed my dream job as a PT working at one of the most elite studios in Hong Kong I restricted more and worked out more.  You would think that I would lose weight easily (which I did at first) but my body started to hold on to weight, and after a couple years of abusing my body this way the weight piled on... no matter what I did.


At my heaviest, I finally gave up… I gave up trying so hard. Stressing about what it said on the scale, measuring my body every week, hating my body in the mirror and how it felt. I would hide underneath gym gear everyday, record my food, count my calories and micros + macros.  It was exhausting. I didn’t want to live my life constantly looking for things to change in my body.


I had no choice but to give up this unhealthy cycle.  I tried everything under the sun and I felt more and more disconnected to my body.  I finally made the decision to get to know this new body of mine, 10kg heavier. I took it day by day, and slowly started to learn to accept my body, even when I couldn’t find anything to love. I worked on seeing my body differently. I quit dieting once and for all, no restrictions, no programs, intense workout regimes, food maps.… none of it. I stripped away everything I used to do to my body for weight loss, and went back to the very basics.

I got to know my body and through this process I started to build a relationship with ME for the first time in my life. I started to get to know me from within, learn who I really am beneath all this extra weight and negative mind.


I started to unlearn these unhealthy habits and focused my attention on what makes my body thrive. I started to notice changes immediately – I realized the workouts were no longer serving my health goals, and the foods I ate were no longer sustaining my body. The biggest and most profound changes I made were to train my mindset around weight loss, face my fears about weight gain, and most importantly, shift my reality one habit at a time. Through this process, I truly got to know myself, started to fall in love with my body, and found this deep sense of freedom…from my mind. I was no longer standing in my own way.

I am excited to teach you how to create this body love for yourself.

Body Love & Freedom  is for you if…

  • You are feeling disconnected with self both physically and mentally

  • You are health conscious and you are doing all the right things but you can’t seem to get to where you want to be

  • ​You are fed up with feeling lost and you are ready for a big change in your life towards a better version of you

  • You find yourself turning to food more and more often

  • You are a yoyo-dieter, always jumping from one diet to the next

  • When you do manage to lose weight, you pile it back on almost instantly and wonder why you can’t keep the weight off  


  • You try but you can’t find practices for consistent results

  • You compare yourself to others and wonder why you're not achieving your goals

  • You tell yourself you’ll start your habits tomorrow, or next Monday, but Monday rolls in and you can’t find the motivation to start

  • You know you deserve more in your life but you don’t know where to start

  • Deep down, you know your current lifestyle is not serving you, you are doing all the right things but can’t seem to keep up 

Body Love & Freedomisn't for you if…

  • You are looking for a workout program, a diet plan or a magic pill that promises weight loss 

  • You want a quick fix solution

  • You do not value your mindset

  • You don’t enjoy group environments

  • You are currently at your goal weight

  • You are currently on a diet or workout program

through 8 weeks of support, sisterhood, goal setting and profound mindset shifts in a sacred, safe space.

Let me guide you 


$5,500 HKD ($950 AUD)

Additional: $40 USD for 12 month Body Love Journey Planner to support you during Body Love & Freedom and beyond.


If you have any further questions, Book in your free Alignment Call, let’s see if this Body Love & Freedom is the right fit for your health goals.

The program - Jan 4th to Feb 28, 2021

Week 1 – Radical Acceptance 

Finally uncover the REAL REASON behind why it’s so important for you to lose weight

Week 2 – Habits and Rituals 

I’ll teach you to establish daily habits that will serve towards your wellness goal. This method can be used to establish any new habits in life, not just weight loss. This new understanding of how to create long term habits will lead you to create long lasting results.

Week 3 – Think yourself

You will learn the power of your thoughts and beliefs and how this is a fundamental element for any long term goals.

Week 4 – Body Love

This is where we start to build our connection with our bodies, find our self love muscle and I will teach you how you can flex this muscle every single day.

Week 5 – Intuitive eating & Conscious Movements

Learn what it means to truly nourish your body from the outside and how to eat mindfully.

Week 6 – Conscious Movements (Expert Speaker)

Understanding a woman monthly cycle, masculine and feminine energy into your day to keep your body from fight or flight to rest and recover, which is key for body love.

Week 7 – Break up with Old Habits

We start to shift gears and look at how we can shift and break up with old and unwanted habits that are no longer serving us towards our wellness goals.

Week 8 – Unapologetically celebrate you, your body and your hard work

We hold a virtual party to celebrate how far you have all come! I will also make sure you are ready to implement everything you have learned outside of our 8 week journey together.

PLUS  BONUS guest speakers + workshops: to be announced soon | Additional Resources to assist you on this journey | You have Lifetime Access.


Limited Spaces Available 


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Body love & Freedom

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CONSCIOUS sister circle

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"Your days create your weeks, your weeks create your months, your months create your years and your years create your LIFE. " I learned this from Heanney during Body Love & Freedom.  I write this after our final meeting. Body Love & Freedom was an 8 week program, where 7 soulful women met for an hour every Friday over Zoom. Heanney guided us into instilling small micro habits on a daily basis. First, by recognizing where we wanted to change; from burning letters of what versions of ourselves we want to let go of, to writing love letters to our future selves of WHO we envision ourselves becoming. We were reminded that it takes one small step everyday to become our "ideal" selves. 

BLF was a space for us to reflect on our wins & challenges each week ... we cried, we laughed, we listened to one another during our struggles & triumphs. And off how I will miss this group so much!! Heanney, thank you sister for having me on this beautiful journey. Lessons I've learned during this time  will be with me forever. Thank you for helping me realize who I need to be for my future self. I love you all BLF sisters 🤍




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